Emilio Goldenhersch

Hola! I´m Emilio Goldenhersch, Co-founder at Mindcotine, the first virtual reality program empowering smokers to quit, combining mindfulness practices, diverse psychological techniques, biofeedback and a strong community support. 

Time has shown me that curiosity leads to innovation, and only when being present is that we can connect with ourselves and create. Thats where we produce our own and really subjective meaning. 


While understanding how to apply Systemic Thinking to my company´s design, I came across the Making of Meaning project, which I feel takes in account many different dimensions of the human experience. Analyzing the experience each person goes through when quitting smoking is a major goal, and can be different with every smoker. Meaning is created at both the individual and collective level, being that the main reason why MofM is perfect to understand the complexity and dynamics of this global issue. 


Being part of this worldwide and multidisciplinary research is a big step for ourselves, our company, and a major challenge we aim to accomplish. The current healthcare system is shifting from the classical-assitencialist old version to a preventive and promotive one, and it is this kind of research and data that we need to produce and gather, in order to see simplicity in complexity.